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  • Where Is Your Store?
    Our showroom and workshop is located in Purley, Surrey. See our address details and opening hours here.
  • Do I Need An Appointment To Come To The Showroom?
    Customers are more than welcome to visit our showroom without an appointment at any time. However, if you are coming to view something specific, or if you wish to discuss a bespoke piece or something special such as wedding bands - we always prefer to book you an appointment, just to ensure that the right person is here to help you, and that we can create a special, one-on-one experience for you. You can request a consultation here
  • How Do I Find My Ring Size?
    You can view our Size Guide here. Alternatively you can always visit our showroom, and our team will be more than happy to assist. If you are unable to visit us, being professionally sized by your local jeweller is always a good option where possible - just ensure to be given a size in UK sizing, as well as an inside diameter measurement of the ring sizer - as these tools can vary between jewellers. Always remember that your hands will be different sizes, so a ring that fits your right-hand ring finger, may not always fit your left hand.
  • How Does The Sizing For Men’s Rings And Signets Work?
    With men’s rings, specifically wedding rings, choosing the right size is very important. We always recommend that our customers get professionally sized where possible, and also specify to the jeweller measuring them what the width and depth of the ring they have selected is. It’s important to allow extra size for wider surface area rings.
  • What Happens If I Order The Wrong Size?
    Depending on the design, most of our pieces are able to be resized within a certain range. Even in the case that a resize is impossible, there are options available to accommodate the necessary changes. If you have received your ring and you have ordered the incorrect size, the first thing to do is to establish your correct ring size in UK standard sizing, either by visiting us or a local jeweller. Once you have this, contact our team to organise how best to resize your ring to fit.
  • How Long Will It Take To Get My Piece?
    All of our pieces are handmade to order by our small team of jewellers. Production times vary depending on the piece - you can see the specific production time for each piece in the product details. Production times are approximate and are subject to change or delay. If you need your piece by a particular date, please make us aware prior to ordering. Please keep in mind that shipping timeframes do not include production time.
  • I Need My Piece In A Hurry, What Can I Do?
    As all of our pieces are made to order, its challenging for us to guarantee an urgent delivery timeframe. The best thing to do is to call our showroom directly on +44 20 8668 0898, to see what we have in stock for immediate delivery, or to discuss your timeframe with our team. We always recommend reaching out prior to ordering to ensure we can fulfill your order within the timeframe you require.
  • Are Your Diamonds Certified?
    All diamonds in our bespoke work are GIA certified, and where listed as a GIA certified feature diamond on an online piece, the stone will come with a GIA certification. Small accent stones and rose cut diamonds do not come with GIA certificates.
  • What Does Vintage Mean?
    Each year, we curate a selection of vintage jewellery pieces via our antique jewellery collector. These vintage pieces date as far back as Edwardian times and are unique and special, they are sourced from all over the world, predominantly Europe. Vintage pieces carry a particular charm in that they hold a story, steeped in mystery where they have been pre-loved and handed down, often having travelled across oceans to find a new home. They also pay homage to traditional gold and silversmith techniques. These pieces are also considered post-consumer recycled, meaning that they offer a positive avenue from a sustainability perspective.
  • Can I Return My Bespoke Order?
    As each piece is custom made to order, we are unable to offer refunds. Due to this, please take extra care when selecting your Sherwood piece. Only pieces purchased directly from the showroom floor without alteration are able to be returned, in their original packaging, unworn, within a 14 day period.
  • Do You Have Any Tips On How To Best Care For My Jewellery?
    A simple way to keep your pieces as clean as possible is to remove them while washing your hands and showering. Instead of cleaning your pieces this actually causes a build-up of soap and the oils from your skin, as they get trapped in the details of your piece, such as under the settings or in the tiny links of your chain, and this build up can attract more dirt and oils later and means that your piece will get much dirtier much faster. You should also always remove them when applying any creams, lotions or perfumes, as these will also create a build-up of sticky, dirt-attracting residue on your pieces. Tips for cleaning your jewellery can also be found here.
  • How Often Should I Clean My Jewellery At Home?
    To learn how to clean your jewellery at home, please visit our Care Advice page. There’s no specific time when your piece will need cleaning - it’s really based on the piece and how you wear it. If you wear a piece everyday it will need cleaning more regularly than a piece you only wear on occasion. Generally, if your piece has settings or lots of intricate detail with more spaces and little tight areas for dirt to build up in then it will need cleaning more frequently than something simpler in design. If you have a plain band with no stones then it will probably never need to be cleaned, as there’s nowhere for dirt to adhere to. The best thing is to go by eye and clean your pieces when you notice them losing their sparkle.
  • How Do I Avoid My Silver Jewellery From Tarnishing?
    Over time, any sterling silver piece will be prone to tarnishing due to the moisture and sulphur in the air that reacts to the copper in the metal. This is a completely normal occurrence and easy to maintain with a little extra care. Products like perfume, hairspray, deodorant and moisturisers can all contribute to your silver piece tarnishing, so avoid contact wherever possible. Storing your silver jewellery in a cool, dry place out of the sun, cleaning and taking extra care to ensure the piece is dried well and thoroughly will all help keep them nice and shiny. Wearing your silver jewellery more frequently will also actually help avoid tarnishing, as the oils in your skin prevent the alloys in the metal from oxidising.
  • Can I Send Or Drop Off My Piece For You To Clean?
    We offer complimentary ultrasonic cleaning for all of our pieces however we also offer a full clean, polish and service which can be organised and quoted by our team. For all bespoke and One of a Kind pieces this is a complimentary annual service, which we recommend to ensure the longevity of the pieces - it’s a great opportunity to take advantage of for a special event or occasion, so that you can have your pieces sparkling and looking like new!
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